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Meet Our Founder

“About Dr. Kinnari Birla-Bharucha.”

Dr. Kinnari is a highly qualified clinical psychologist with a doctoral degree from Adler University. Her extensive postgraduate clinical practice spans several areas, including health psychology, whole health, general mental health, trauma-focused approaches, mind-body interventions, mindfulness, and inner child healing.

As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Kinnari is dedicated to providing comprehensive care in both private practice and hospital settings. She strongly emphasizes the integration of diversity, equity, and inclusion-informed factors into her treatment approach.

As a first-generation Indian-Asian American woman, Dr. Kinnari possesses firsthand knowledge and deep understanding of the nuances, challenges, and unique barriers associated with immigrant culture and mental health.

Dr. Kinnari, as a clinician, consultant, and author, is dedicated to empowering individuals to move beyond the survivor’s mentality and embrace their innate ability to become creators of their own lives.