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Are you tired of constantly feeling anxious and overwhelmed? Do you want to break free from the endless tug-of-war with anxiety and live an empowered, enjoyable, and peaceful life?

Look no further!

Dr. Kinnari Birla-Bharucha’s “Teen Anxiety: Drop the Rope” is the ultimate evidence-based psychotherapy guide that will provide practical solutions to help you or your teen overcome anxiety.

As a licensed clinical psychologist with over 10 years of experience, Dr. Birla-Bharucha specializes in cognitive behavior therapy, mindfulness-based practices, and acceptance and commitment therapy.

In this book, she explores what anxiety is, what drives teens to feel anxious, and how anxiety affects teenagers. She also explains the intricacies of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and how these proven therapies can help overcome anxiety.

But this book is not just about theory. Dr. Birla-Bharucha provides a range of CBT and ACT skills that can be easily incorporated into your daily life to help you break free from the anxiety and avoidance trap. With her compassionate and down-to-earth approach, she will make you feel comfortable and empowered to take control of your anxiety.

Whether you are a parent or a teen struggling with anxiety, this book is for you. Say goodbye to the endless tug-of-war with anxiety and say hello to a better and improved you!

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Come on a journey with me as we travel on the mystical waters of the River Ganges, across the corridors of the past and the present, as we explore the rich cultural heritage of India overlooked by its modern façade. This book will serve to be a one-stop guide to the great nation of Bharat and her people. From the bustling food streets to the archaeological prowess of the Mughals to the remnants of British administration, sit tight and let the serene flow of the Ganges gently guide you through the beauty of this nation.