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Psychological Testing Services

Our psychologists utilize personalized assessment tools and to analyze and evaluate a patient’s behavioral health. It’s one of the initial steps in developing a diagnostic process or a treatment roadmap unique to every individual.

Our comprehensive psychological assessments often involve leveraging standardized tests, such as questionnaires or checklists, referred to as “norm-referenced” tests. This standardization ensures that individuals are evaluated in a consistent manner, regardless of their location or the test administrator. Our comprehensive psychological assessment encompasses a variety of evaluation combinations involving objective and projective measures to give a complete report of a patient’s mental functions.

At Elvive Psychological Services, our panel of experienced professionals utilizes complex psychological and psychiatric evaluations to diagnose patients with conflicting histories of mental health issues.

Virtual Psychological Testing

We do not follow a one-size-fits-all approach for our virtual psychological testing services. Thus, all our services are tailored to each individual’s preferences. Our experienced psychologists carefully design assessments for each patient who pays us a visit. Not to mention, only clinically licensed psychologists can administer these assessments and interpret the outcomes consecutively. By integrating testing and assessment, we gain a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s strengths and limitations, enabling a more complete picture of their overall psychological profile.

With virtual testing, Elvive psychological testing services alleviate logistical and travel concerns associated with onsite evaluations. We understand that not everyone may have access to the necessary equipment or feel comfortable with internet-based assessment strategies. To address this, we offer face-to-face communication via video conferencing, ensuring optimal standardized testing and case consultation. Our clinicians provide parents, guardians, and service providers valuable information from virtual testing results.

Take the first step toward a better future and unlock the valuable insights that await you. Contact us today to schedule your virtual testing session!