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Do you know why people hesitate to order Indian appetizers? It is because they are afraid most of them will be naan-appetizers.

Indian food has always remained a treat for people as it never disappoints them through its continuous discovery of newfangled food marked by a great taste for quality and hygiene. Indians have an eccentric connection with delicacies that focuses more on pleasing the soul than taming hunger. The blend of spices, sweetness, and sourness is evident in multiple Indian dishes, known for their unique flavor. India is an amalgamation of numerous cultures and traditions; hence Indian cuisine reflects a vast array of food choices. If you visit India, never miss out on their unique street food because you won’t find the same quality elsewhere.This article offers free shipping on qualified Face mask products, or buy online and pick up in store today at Medical Department

Chhole Bhature

A Sunday or any other holiday feels incomplete in India without enjoying traditional chhole bhature and Lassi. The combination of fried bhatura with the spicy and savory gravy of chickpeas offers a delicious delight to the taste buds and is full of protein and nutrients that boost your health. The delectable sauce served with onion, carrots, and pickle salad, known as “Achaar” in the Indian language, highlights the region’s appetite for spicy food. The North Western dish is found every 30 steps in India and is accompanied by beaten sweetened curd

Sarsoun ka Saag with Makki Roti

If you are a vegetarian bored with eating salads every day, then Sarsoun ka Saag is for you. This mouthwatering dish is primarily served in winter and is made from the green mustard known as Sarsoun and a few spices like chilies, ginger, and garlic. It is found in almost every restaurant and Dhaba and is served with a piece of jaggery and hot unleavened cornbread made from fresh maize flour. Try this Punjabi food delight and beat the winter chill with a thrill!

Doodh Patti and Pakoras

Living in India means that tea is one of your lifelines.  Chai or Doodh Patti, referred to as tea, is not just a source of income for millions but the most cherished beverage for hundreds of millions in India.  Tea is an essential part of all meals. It is also consumed during breaks in the office and the evenings at home. Tea has the ingredients required to keep the consumers fresh and aids in concentrating during work, and helps keep you awake if you feel sleepy.

Whether it’s summer or winter, chai enjoys an undisputed place in the hearts of all individuals. A cup of hot tea with steam from the evaporating liquid displays extravagance mired in freshness on a foggy wintery morning and exhilarates your mind and soul. Speaking about winters, the monsoons of India seem incomplete without Pakoras and Chai. Combining these solid and liquid foods is enchanting, to say the least, and satisfies all your cravings after you have enjoyed soaking in the rain.

Pakoras are known as “Fritters.” The deep-fried pakoras are the most sought-after type of fritters made from raw vegetables and gram flour. The hot and fresh outer crispiness and tender vegetables like potatoes and onions from the inside are just incredible and create an unexplainable satisfaction. If you haven’t tried the combination of Doodh Patti and Fritters, it’s never too late. Try it now and learn more about pakoras and other delicacies in Dr. Kinnari’s book, Welcome to India. Welcome yourself to the heaven of food.

Pani Puri

Pani puri, or Gol Gappas, is another famous Indian dish full of rich spices and sweetness. This street dish is one of the delights of North India, which both women and men enjoy. Consisting of small crispy balls made from granulated wheat or semolina, it is filled with potatoes and chickpeas and enjoyed after dipping in different chutneys. The spicy chutney, chilly green chutney, sugary yogurt, and sweetened chutney made from dates is mouthwatering. This street food dish is unique and famous. This dish is available in other parts of the world, but the best version is only found in India.


Dosa is a light but tasty dish, discovered in South India but most popular in North India. A crispy thin layered pancake made from fermented batter and stuffed with potatoes, onions, and multiple spices, it is served with coconut chutney and hot Sambhar, a mixture of different vegetables. Various varieties of dosa, like paneer dosa, masala dosa, and vegetable dosa, are a high source of protein and carbohydrates. It includes unsaturated sugars and fats, which keep you healthy and plays a significant role in your physical and mental well-being.


India is a splendid place full of diverse cultures, traditions, and cuisine. Ironically, today most people have been enticed by marketing tactics to opt for fast foods that, apart from being unhygienic at times, also serve to increase your weight. This has caused people to forget the traditional old-age Indian delicacies that have no alternative in terms of taste and quality. The pleasure and satisfaction that comes with Indian cuisine are distinct. From sweet desserts to the best spicy food, India serves it all.

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