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You might have heard that life is batter with cake. Eating cake is not unhealthy, but consuming tons of sugar and flour excessively every day can be consequential.

We often tend to please our taste buds, forgetting about maintaining or balancing our diet. The sugary brownies increase endorphins in our bodies, making us oblivious about our health. Healthy food and a balanced diet are essential for us, but why? Eating healthily encourages people to add a variety of food to their diet in proper proportions.

After consuming unhealthy food for a long time, it gets arduous to maintain a healthy diet. It requires patience, consistency, and effort to give up such eating habits. Eating healthy isn’t all about consuming boiled food or eliminating fats from your meals but switching to a balanced diet and keeping a count of your daily calorie consumption. Excluding fats from meals is unhealthy as fats are vital macronutrients for the human body. The importance of healthy food is essential for many reasons.

  • Eating the right quality and quantity of nutrients helps to improve your eyesight, skin, and nail texture.
  • Healthy food aids in stimulating growth hormones that help us in various ways, like increasing height.
  • Unhealthy food is detrimental to our immune system, leading to obesity, cardiovascular disease, and other cancerous diseases. This can be prevented by eating a nutritious diet.
  • With a balanced and healthy diet, your cognitive abilities are enhanced positively.
  • You are less likely to be affected by viruses and diseases.
  • Your bones are strengthened, and support for your muscles is provided through quality food.
  • Lastly, it aids you in living longer.

Effects of bad eating habits

The wrong choice of food is either a reason for excessive weight gain and obesity or leads to weight loss and weakness. This results in issues like cardiovascular diseases, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, weak bones, and brain impairment rise.

Tips for eating healthily

  • Limit sugary items

Having a meal without a chilled glass of coke tastes fantastic. But it is disastrous for your health and body. Fizzy drinks contain lots of sugar which leads to obesity and tooth decay. If you have sweet teeth, go for fruits and fresh juices instead of processed beverages, juices, and cakes.

  • Eat a balanced amount of macros

Macronutrients consist of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. These three items are the most essential and significant to maintain a healthy immunity and body. Macros must be taken in large quantities as they give you the energy and power to function daily.

  • Eat less red meat

While red meat is a good source of protein, excessive intake of it can lead to heart disease and an increase in cholesterol levels. Limiting processed meat with high saturated fats will make you healthier, but don’t avoid it entirely because it is full of protein and energy.

  • Eating fish or consuming a portion of fish oil

Fish oil and fish are considered full of nutrients and vitamins. White meat is a huge source of Omega-3 fatty acids, which prevents heart diseases. Fish like salmon and trout are significant sources of protein.

  • Include dairy items in your diet

Dairy items like milk, yogurt, eggs, and cheese are excellent sources of protein and vitamins, providing you with the energy required to function daily. Dairy items are enriched with calcium, minerals, and vitamins, which keep your bones and teeth strong.

  • Don’t forget the micros

Micro-nutrients include various kinds of vitamins and minerals like vitamins E, D, K, C, and many others, strengthening the growth of nails and hair.


Healthy food and a balanced diet play an essential role in our lives and have a list of advantages. Just remember eating and trying everything is necessary because life is short and you only live once, but excessive use of anything can harm health.

Every country has its unique culture of food and delicacies. The flavorsome food represents a country’s traditions, history, and culture. When it comes to Indian food, it’s not just healthy, but it also is full of flavors and spices. Dr. Kinnari’s book, Welcome to India, has a variety of healthy dishes enriched with proteins and good fats.

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